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Savage is a Latest Nepali Rap song sung by Balen. The Lyrics of the song is written by  Balen.

Song Title
Singer Balen
Lyrics Balen
Music Balen
Directon The dumb director.
Youtube channel
Release date
September 7,2020

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 Fu*k Your swag Like makabeli
Got your text So Bad That`s Way
I can Make it
No stash of big cash
Till I don`t think it
Underrated But understood
By Under educated
Rub His Belly Like a Chocolate
Riding On a Street Side
Do that With your Fu*k Face
All Chick So I Put Money
On Your Face
Honey Till the Liquor
Honey cause I fuck Best

I can Carry any Attitude
All You Got is amazing
All you got is Gratitude
You Lost in Fairly Tales
I go Hard Like a Blastocyst
Ak Shot Fire is the Closest
Somewhat Mixed
Geetys I`m Assuming All The
Closest Full of Wet Lips
This is  I do Hallucinate Like
A Baptist Like a Baptist

You Bi*ch Got Fake Eyelish
My Di*k  is More stylish
It Drip Like me Silash
They say they Fly
And Got no Mileage
They say they fly in flying Pivate
No kylie Jennert and
Got no hammer
Next Time You show Up
You beat like a Drummer
Give up a Pipe
Pipe Like a Plumber
I put You In Trauma
I shot Like
I`m Gunner

So, Lower the Interest
My Style is simplest
Get Kylie In some rest
To Undress To Fundraise
They Convinced

Yeah Yeah,
They  My style is simplest
Spell out My name boy
Skills Like a Kung FU King
Jackie Chan

Your Document were Burning All time Paper
I Watch Your bitch Running Like
Chinese Letter
Don`t Mind is better
Though Mind is better
You I am a letter
I`m Kind Of Feed her
I`m Kind a kind
So,Don`t take advantage
Cause Just In a Second
I Could Turn To a Savage

Saat Ghari Samasya ko Katisaake
Saat Wota Sarkar Le
Saat Choti Dhati Sake
Saat Paradesh ma desh Lai
Saat Choti Badi Sake
Neta Haru Kachma
Yuwa haru khadi Pradesh


Mero Bhagya Sankhalu
Boli Chali Bharpardo Wakya
Jhan chalu Boli sari harkat Bhayo Kabya
Man Kabu Bholi Badi chatpaat
Bho Asaadya,

Chanchalu Toli hami Sarjak Ko
Ghar Ghar Ma kura
Hip Hop ra Nepop ko
Khasai hunna Baal
Ma Ta Sadharan Lekhak Ho
Nepop Ko Gaddi Chaluna
Sabai Chetak Ho Scotter
Woffer ma Geet Sabai Break-up
Kalakar Sabai Tiktok Ko
Dina Hunna Bitaak Bho
Chalachitra Karmai Chatak
Handai Bikchan Charti Kala mai
Charti kala Maai
Charchiit chhan
Saghosit Mahanayak Pataaki Nalayak
Fohori Film Kelna Tori Haru Bandaixan Gayak
Dui Char Din Churti Bholi Khursi Nai Gayap
Dui Char Din Churti Bholi Khursi Nai Gayap
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