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Balatkaar is a latest Nepali Rap song sung by Uniq poet and shreejan shyam.The song is about the girl who did not get justice after being Victim.

Song Title
Singer Uniq Poet and shreejan shyam
Lyrics Uniq poet
Music Uniq poet
Uniq poet
Youtube channel
Uniq poet
Release date
August 21,2020

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 Balatkaar Lyrics

Justice for Nirmala pant !

Let’s go
Its your boy Uniq
DONOB production
We out here!

Sunsan gaali Adahryo  Raat
Kam sakiyera Farkida baji sakexa 8
Hilo bato simsima barsaad
Kuri rako hola kurira hola uso buda paskera baat
Sukumbasi Toll Hudai jana bato Dharab
Haalidai hidna hauuda samu jogaudai laaj
Rujeko Luga gupta anga ko chhap
Bardan sundharta huna gayo sarap
Manma Trass Bivinna Prasna kelcha Tehi kram ma

Ek jana le Jabarjasti Thelcha U atincha
Chircha arko galli khae kaho Tha xaena
Eklai Rumallidaai Phone bajcha
"Hello Chito Aii puga ma aisaka  aba ekai chin kura "
Ali para mancha haru ko gangaan
Usko dhadkan badna thalcha janjhan
Kadam chalchan ali Tejj
Ti Hawas ka Pujari ka agadi
U pari Ek
Jiskauchan Haat ma Churot bokki
Dhuwa le garda hoki
Lagcha uslai Khoki
Katai naroki hidcha naboli
500 Jai ma ta pakkai maches Holi
Uu bagcha pachi lagchan
Arauna khojda sukyo usko Saas jhan
Ladcha usko haat khutta Samatchan

Ti pyasi Akaha haru Uslai herdai haschan
Gisardai euta anjan kuna
Darsak vo vito ko tyo Char kuna
Mukh ma talo Ani palai palo
garna thala Raxes haru afno kaam pura
Haan chura ANi baag bhani cha
Mirtu ma usko ghau ko malam cha
Akha banda saas chalcha manda
Labaris Taal kapcha harek Anga
Aba Yaha Marnu nai Bess bho
Dhusman lai pani kaila nahos Yesto
Alji yo U alji yo
Chori vayara janmanu pani Galti vo
Birano Raat Eklo laas Ra sadak
Tehi Purano Katha patra matra farak  

Balatkaar Lyrics in english Translation

justice for nirmala panta
Let’s go
Its your boy Uniq
DONOB production
We out here!

Silent alleyways, dark night
She is returning home after work, it’s already 8
Muddy streets, the driling rain
Her husband is probably waiting her to join for the dinner at home.
Her way to home through the slum areas is a risk on its own
She is trying her best not to catch any attention from strangers.
Her clothes are wet imprinting her body parts
Is beauty a boon or a curse in such a case?
She is scared.
A lot of questions come to her mind.
Someone collides with her while she is lost in her head.
She gets anxious and takes another alleyway.
She doesn’t know where she is headed anymore due to fear.
Phone rings! “Hello come back soon”
“Im on my way, don’t worry”
In a near distance, there are a few people talking and laughing,
Her heartbeat starts to accelerate.

She starts walking faster.
An angel amongst a group of lust demons.
They tease her with cigarettes in their hands
She starts coughing, maybe due to the smoke.
She doesn’t respond and keeps walking.
One of them says “What’s your rate, girl? Rs. 500?”
She runs fast and they start chasing her too.
She tries to scream but she is already gasping for air.
She falls down, they grab her hands and legs.
Those lustful eyes look at her and laugh hysterically.
They drag her to an abandoned building.
The walls as audience.
They block her mouth and proceed to rape her.
One of them says “Stab the bitch, let’s go now?”
Maybe death is the only remedy now!
Eyes closed, her breath slowly fading away.
Strayed on the streets, her body shivers from cold.
Even she is convinced it is best to die now.
She prays no one else has to go through this as she takes her last breath.
Such a trap, and she fell for it
I guess coming to this world as a daughter is a mistake.
Gloomy night, a lonely dead body in the street.
The same old story, but a different victim.
**The END**
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1.Who is the singer of Balatkaar Song? 

-Uniq Poet and Shreejan Shyam are the singer of Balatkaar song.

2.In which Youtube channel Balatkaar song is Uploaded?

-In Uniq Poet Youtube Channel Balatkaar song is Uploaded.

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